Course creator assistant

We present a system that automatically assists you in the development of courses, we use instructional design and artificial intelligence.

instructional design

What is
Instructional Design?

Instructional Design is the process of analyzing, designing and developing digital learning materials focused to the student, in order to achieve well-defined personal or organizational learning objectives.

Artificial intelligence assisted courses

Through data analysis and machine learning, each student’s strengths and weaknesses can be identified, making it easy to create personalized materials and activities that maximize their learning.

Conditional Logic Guidance

According to your answers we will guide you through different routes that will allow you to build your course in an assertive way.

Based on Standards

Our system is based on methodologies and standards focused on student learning outcomes.

Ready for Production

Once you do your instructional design, you will have a ready-made document that will allow you to hand it over to your production team to create a great course.

Teacher autonomy

We respect the freedom of teaching and the creativity of the teachers, that is why we do not impose strict rules.

Design Based on rubrics

Our methodology is based on rubrics, which allows us to measure how close you are to reaching your learning objectives.

Artificial Intelligence

You can create assisted courses through artificial intelligence, helping you create a more effective course by analyzing your audience and your objectives.

Data Course is created and maintained by a comprehensive team of pedagogues.

We work with our partner community to improve and update Data Curso.

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